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To promote development of projects and cooperation with partners in Lithuania and abroad while implementing strategic aims of the University. 

To help academic and administrative staff prepare and implement projects that are supported by international and national funds.

Effective organization, administration and management of projects, implemented by the University.

• Improving the system of preparation and administration of the projects at the University;
• Accumulating, organizing and providing information on EU, international and national funds, programs, projects and funding opportunities to the Universities’ subdivisions;
• Analysing project activities at the University, organize data on prepared and implemented projects and their results;
• Informing and consulting academic and administrative staff on project preparation and management, sharing experience and best practice, organizing seminars and trainings;
• Management of the programs and projects – initialization, preparation, primary expertize and evaluation of the application;
• Administration of project grants received from international and national funds;
• Implementation of innovations and good Lithuanian and international project management practices at the University;
• Representing University interests regarding project management in Lithuania and abroad;
• Involving University academic community into project’s activities.     

• Providing recommendations on improving project preparation and administration system at the University;
• Disseminating information, related to preparation of projects and providing University subdivisions with methodic information;
• Initiating preparation of project applications and formation of the working groups;
• Taking an active part (helps to prepare the application, except the main idea) in the preparation of the projects’ applications;
• Cooperating with the institutions that are evaluating the applications during the whole evaluation period;
• Ensuring that the grant agreements are signed and implemented on time.     

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