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Address: Ateities g. 20 LT-08303 Vilnius
Room: IV-107, IV-109, V-115, V-121
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4537, (370 5) 271 4531
E-mail: itc@mruni.eu

Director: Saulius Kvedaravičius
Room: V-115
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4537
E-mail: saulius.kved@mruni.eu

The most important IT Centre tasks are to plan, implement and oversee the use of contemporary information technologies:

  • in the Study area and administration of Studies;
  • in administering and managing the University;
  • in implementing and organizing academic activities;
  • in presenting the University on the Internet web site and to the country's and to the global community;
  • in providing various computer network services.

The most important IT Centre's activities center on:

  • the set up, administering and development of University computer networks;
  • the administration and implementation of computer network services for students and employees (e-mail, www, etc.);
  • the set up of computerized work stations and overseeing of computer and computer programmes at the University;
  • the implementation and administration of various computer safety systems for computerized work stations;
  • the implementation and administration of University management and accounting application information systems;
  • providing consultations to University employees on questions relating to the use of computers and programme equipment.
  • Ateities st. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Editor: Snieguolė Zalatorė
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