Francophone Studies Centre

Address: Ateities g. 20 LT-08303 Vilnius
Room: I-322
E-mail: frankofonija@mruni.eu

The centre of Francophone countries' studies is one of the structural departments of Mykolas Romeris University which was established in year 2003. During the renewal of the university in year 2011 the centre was reformed and expanded. The committee of francophone activity was formed and all the faculties of the university delegated their own representatives to it. 

The goal of Francophone countries’ studies centre is to take part in the development of the university’s internationalization offering education, scientific and cultural cooperation projects in the global Francophone space.

In collaboration with the embassies of Francophone countries in Lithuania and the agency of Francophone Universities, the International Francophone Organization and the francophone universities around the world, the Centre seeks to become one of the most important institutions engaged in such activities in Lithuania

The tasks of the centre are:

  • to introduce lecturers and students to France and other francophone countries’ educational achievements in organizing lectures, conferences and training modules;
  • to stimulate the co-operation between Lithuania’s and other francophone countries’ studies educational and cultural institutions;
  • to create the intellectual and infrastructural basis to develop projects and programs for francophone countries;
  • to organize the exchange between Mykolas Romeris University’s and other francophone countries’ lecturers and scientists;
  • to spread the francophone idea in the university and national space;
  • to organize French language courses for university teachers and students.

Ateities st. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
Room: I-302
E-mail: frankofonija@mruni.eu

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