Psychological Consulting Department

Psychological service - psychological help

Address: Ateities g. 20, LT-08303, Vilnius

room: IV-210

Email: pstarnyb@mruni.eu ,

Head of Psychological Service: Svetlana Vimonciene vimonciene@mruni.eu

At the Psychological Service, MRU students and staff can obtain professional psychological assistance .

Psychological Service is a structural unit of the Institute of Psychology at the University of MRU which include individual and group psychological counseling, first aid in crisis, psychological assessment, education and training.

The aim of the psychological service is to improve the mental health and well-being of the members of the university community, to promote productive cooperation and harmony between the members of the community.

The Psychological Service provides psychological services to the university community and guarantees the confidentiality of information.

Counselors and classes are provided by consultants of MRU Institute of Psychology.

First consultation is free for the members of MRU community. Moreover, there is 70 % discount for up to 10 consultations per study year for each member (so the price is 9 eur instead of the usual 30 eur for 2nd - 10th meetings). We hope this will make psychological help fully accessible to our community.

Currently all consultations are conducted via internet.

To sign up for a consultation:

1. Choose a consultant

2. Write an email to the consultant and make an appointment

If you have any questions, please contact pstarnyb@mruni.eu , vimonciene@mruni.eu

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