Asian Centre

The Asian centre is one of the structural departments of Mykolas Romeris University established in year 2013. The committee is formed by the representative of all the faculties of the university.

The purposes of the centre‘s activities are:
  1. Promote university‘s internationalisation development
  2. Promote mutual understanding and relation development between Asia(China, India, Japan and South Korean and other Asian countries) and Europe by intelectural, cultural and human exchanges.
The tasks of the centre are:
  1. To contribute the mutual understanding and relation development between Lithuanian and Asian societies.
  2. To promote interdisciplinary, cultural and cross-national understanding of Asia at Mykolas Romeris University and in Lithuanian/European societies;
  3. To create double degree program with Asian universities
  4. To provide an institutional support for the study of Asia across Mykolas Romeris University through coordination of teaching, language course, research project, cultural events, community-construction among faculties, scholars, students, even beyond the university;
  5. To take part in the development of the university’s internationalisation offering education, scientific, cultural and business cooperation project in the relation with Asian countries
  6. To promote knowledge on Asian cultures and mutual understanding between Lithuania and each Asian countries through scientific, cultural events and lectures for faculties, scholars, students for Lithuanian and European societies;
  7. To create the intellectual/scientific and infrastructural basis to develop projects and programs on Asia;
  8. To prepare specialists in the field of Asian studies who will develop scientific, cultural and business relations between Lithuania and Asian countries;
  9. To collect and provide information (books, journals, documents, information about opportunities (including scholarship, fellowship and so on)) for teaching, studying, research, cultural comprehension about each Asian country;
  10. To coordinate academic cooperation and development of relation with Asians universities and European universities engaged in Asian/international studies.

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