Mykolas Romeris University is committed to offering favourable conditions enabling a wide segment of high school graduates, youth and others, despite any handicaps or disabilities they may have, to attend and study at the University.

The University’s new administrative building, completed in 2007, is designed taking into account the needs of those who have trouble getting around or those sitting in wheelchairs. The building has conference halls and modern auditoriums. University administration officials are also located in this building.

Near the central entrance of the new administrative building there is a ramp, allowing those sitting in wheelchairs to freely acceess the University building. The four-story building contains an elevator. Disabled persons are thus easily able to access conference and lecture halls. In the second, third, and fourth floors there are specially-designed toilet facilities to accomodate the disabled.

Near Central entrance to MRU administrative building, there is a ramp for easier accessA modern elevator allows easy access to MRU's lower-level Library and upper floors where auditoriums are located

The ramp allows easier access to MRU's Library

The modern, newly-built library located on the lower ground floor of the main administrative building, is accessible to those in wheelchairs and specially designed to accomodate the disabled. There are two ramp lifts, which allow those sitting in wheelchairs to access the University reading rooms, library facilities and the cafe.

The new Mykolas Romeris University library has modern, specially-designed computer facilities and technology allowing the disabled to freely access needed information and to use computers.

One of the reading rooms in the library has work stations that are fitted to accomodate the disabled. Here library users can comfortably surf the Internet. The specially-designed computer mouse is larger and easier to use and computer keys have a metal coating and there are hand rails that are attached to the side of the table.

Another work station is set aside for the visually impaired. They can use the Optelec Tieman Group electronic magnifier. For reading Internet articles or surfing websites, there is the computer programme, MAGic. The electronic magnifier, known as Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) is a device which has artificial lighting and a camera, with whose help it is possible to magnify the text to the needed size, to choose the appropriate colours and set the necessary contrast tones. This instrument is able to enlarge the reading text from 2 to 50 times.The programme MAGic makes the reading text or graphics easier to read and is able to magnify even small parts of text or to present part of the information in contrasting tones.

The services offered by Mykolas Romeris University include:

  • advice for the disabled on questions of financial aid;
  • advice for the disabled on admissions and application questions;
  • consultations on career and job search questions.

The University has adapted an office as a special needs center (III-150 room), which provides:

  • diabetics a safe environment to take necessary medication or drugs.

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