Justice, Security and Human Rights

Justice, Security and Human Rights programme is aimed to carry out interdisciplinary research on social, economic, political and cultural factors behind implementing justice, contemporary human rights and security mechanisms. 

Research Areas:  

  • The causes of justice including constitutional justice, Roman law, right to protection within criminal code, law applicability, internationalization of private law, justice and cooperation, state - guaranteed justice, efficiency of justice systems, implementation of court decisions, administrational law and regulation, criminal activity analysis, civil accountability/responsibility, politics of justice.
  • Human rights and sustainable society  including philosophy of human rights, family and child security, juvenile justice, prevention of human trafficking, anti-discrimination, poverty   reduction, work relations and security, social security and pension systems, social corporate responsibility, immigration, alternative conflict solutions, psychological factors behind human rights, etc.
  • Individual, organizational, national and international security systems including protection of public interest, democratic state, trustworthy business,  labor law and business environment, intellectual property rights, trademarks, contractual law, armed conflicts, management of special situations, organized crime, prevention of corruption and criminal, corporate law, biotechnologies and health supervision, crime investigation, traffic security, naitonal financial security, etc.


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