Research Quality and Analysis Office

Major functions:
  • develops the strategy of research and innovation (R&DI) products/service, guidelines and mechanisms for their implementation;

  • monitors the quality of R&DI products and services developed by the University, its units, and researchers;

  • collects, systematizes and overviews information on the University R&DI activities;

  • carries out expert evaluation on the correspondence of University community members to qualification and pedagogical title requirements, planning and reporting of R&DI workload, coordinates the process of attracting foreign researchers and other HR management processes; 

  • prepares application and implements projects on University R&DI infrastructure, digital information databases, international and inter-sectorial mobility of researchers; 

  • encourages participation of researchers in international professional networks;

  • reports to international and national agencies on University R&DI activities, products and services;

  • analyses and disseminates information on national and international R&DI policy and trends; 

  • organises events on improving competences of researchers;

  • coordinates student involvement into R&DI processes;

  • carries out the processes of rewards and recognition to University researchers by national and international agencies, Doctor Honoris Causa, honorary professors;

  • prepares recommendations regarding the promotion system to University community members for R&DI activities;

  • analyses the opportunities for innovations at the University and takes an active part in implementing them.

  • Ateities st. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Editor: Snieguolė Zalatorė
  • Tel.: (+370 5) 271 4739
  • E-mail: snieguole@mruni.eu
  • www.mruni.eu
  • Company VAT code: LT119517219.