Humanistics Research Laboratory

Head of Humanistics Research Laboratory:
Assoc. prof. Povilas Aleksandravičius
E-mail povilasal@mruni.eu

To be the leading Values research center in Lithuania.
Group of research experts comprising of scholars and academicians from Mykolas Romeris University, local and other international institutions, working collectively together to develop value-enriched research, aimed at promoting debate and opportunities which permit the dissemination of  results  onwards to the greater academic community and society, in the most advanced research settings.
To perform research on values, their concepts and interoperability, while exploring their role on various human life processes occurring in Lithuania and the world.

  • The research of essential values, in order to understand and to express conceptually the place of values in human existence, to interpret the current axiological state and its historical change.
  • Comparative studies of different cultures and civilizations, in order to find the main principles of peaceful and harmonious multicultural coexistence.
  • The identification and interpretation of  values role in various social processes, such as politics, law, economy, science, education, public administration and management, business and others, in order to find common interdisciplinary axiological base.
  • The research of the European identity and its relation with the Lithuanian identity.
  • The axiological research of the impact of technology to humanity and society.
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  • Editor: Snieguolė Zalatorė
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