Public Management Innovation Laboratory

Assoc. prof. dr. Andrius Stasiukynas
E-mail. stasiukynas@mruni.eu

Making a meaningful contribution to Lithuania‘s leadership in implementing ideals of citizen empowerment and evidence-based governance in the public sector.
Provide quality services to public sector organizations in their endeavors to develop key capacities and processes; and be a source of reliable information about the state of the Lithuanian public governance to citizens, businesses, and international partners.
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Modern bureaucracies formed in in XVII a. over the past decades have been increasingly challenged by global changes in technology and politics. Lithuania, which since 1990 has been building its state in the thick of these changes faces a myriad of challenges and policy decision dilemmas over how to best ensure international competitiveness, wellbeing of its citizens and satisfy an increasing pressure to accommodate citizen participation.

New methods of government interaction with citizens, businesses and among government institutions themselves, as well as with partners from the EU and other international organizations place a demand on capacities and competencies that have not been needed before.

Public Management Innovation Lab specializes in applied research and its dissemination with its main goal to identify hurdles specific public organizations that stand in a way of attaining policy success and develops means to overcome them. Among others, areas of our expertise include: providing instruments to implement principles of interinstitutional co-operation, open government and transparency; development of strategic planning process and capacities; HR management; policy evaluation and monitoring; effective accountability and citizen participation measures; standards of conduct and ethics for civil servants.

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