Life Quality Laboratory

Head, Prof. habil. dr. Ona Gražina Rakauskienė
E-mail: ona.rakaus@mruni.eu

To improve the population's quality of life, perform various and comparative quality of life, global and EU research.
High-level scientific research centre of Lithuania concentrates on international research area, together with professional team of scholars from Lithuania, European and Asian countries. In the laboratory scientists perform various areas of research, such as: quality of life, interdisciplinary, multi-directional, as well as strategic and innovative. Quality of Life Research Laboratory is well known for extensive relations with international and professional organizations – World Economics Association, International Sociological Association, the EU Quality of Life Research Association, Global Network of Ecological communities.
To create innovative quality of life assessment and prediction methods;
Carry out a comprehensive and profound analysis, determining the quality of life interference, Its development assumptions, factors, trends and opportunities.
Analyse worlds and EU population’s quality of life parameters and perform comparative research;
To create life quality practically applicable database;
Recruit Lithuanian and foreign scientists of different research areas, representatives of business and government sectors;
Provide specific proposals and recommendations for Lithuanian government structures.

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