Human Rights Laboratory

Head of Human Rights Laboratory:
Assoc. prof. dr. Katažyna Mikša


To become leading Human Rights research and innovation center in Baltic States,
providing competitive, high-quality, international partnership based services, responsive to societies and marketing needs and helping to improve the situation of human rights in Lithuania, European region and at international level.

To seek that human rights would become actual, person’s, entrepreneur’s or employee’s activities base, and that the value of their work would be sensible for everyone.


To ensure that human rights would be understandable for everyone, while the main state, business or public decisions are based on human rights.

  • To carry out human rights impact assessments
  • To carry out research in the field of human rights
  • To initiate innovative human rights projects
  • To provide evidence-based proposals for public and business policy makers and implementers, leading to a human rights-based decisions
  • To prepare and propose effective solutions for human rights problems
  • To cooperate with human rights organizations, other social partners informing the society and decision-makers about human rights content, their implementation issues and opportunities for defending infringed rights

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