Environmental Management Laboratory

Head of Enviromental Management Laboratory
Prof. Paulo Pereira
E-mail. paulo@mruni.eu

Be the Environment Research Laboratory of reference in Lithuania and recognized internationally. The Environmental Management Group intends to develop and disseminate academic and scientific information to the civil society. Represent an opportunity for students, researchers and University  become more visible in the international arena.     
To deliver the most accurate research for the best environmental and sustainable solutions in cooperation with public and private institutions in Lithuania and worldwide. To do a high level research in the field of the environment in connection with other disciplines.  
  • Professionalism, because only an excellent and top level researcher can achieve the goals of Environmental Management Centre.
  • Transparency, ethics and aim for a better research quality.
  • Responsibility for the actions we take.
  • Openess to new ideas, opportunities, people, cultures, diversity in disciplines to reach the academic excellence!
  • Open and horizontal communication with our students, colleagues and partners.

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