Social Innovations Laboratory Network

Social Innovations for Global Development- strategic research area of Mykolas Romeris University consists of five interdisciplinary research programs:
Justice, security and human rights;
Social technologies;
Sustainable development in context of globalization;
Improving quality of life and advancing employment opportunities;
Continuation and changes of values in global society.
The European Commission defines social innovation as new ideas, decisions and ways to meet the social needs of society and create tools for improvement of social policy and investments.  Social innovation creates new social relations, strengthen cooperation between the sectors and promote the progress.
Social Innovation research areas and programs at the University are developed by interdisciplinary groups of scientists, researchers and students, united in Social Innovations Network of Laboratories- MRU LAB.
Laboratory networking concentrates on consolidating the usage of the scientific production and collaborating with experienced group of researchers. The main purpose is to prepare and implement international projects and contract research for public and business sectors under the new funding schemes. It is also very important to develop competitive, high knowledge, innovation based study-business partnership and ecosystem management.
Laboratories invites to participate not only MRU, but also scientists, researchers, students and social partners from other public institutions, in order to cooperate and find solutions for the major challenges of modern society.                                

The total area of the new (est. September, 2015) four-storey MRU LAB building is more than 3000 square meters. On the ground-floor there is a public space for students, the academic community, and social partners with the spaces customized to group work and brainstorming equipped with mobile workstations, two spacious halls 100 and 50 seats) for meetings, presentations, and conferences.

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