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    Zen Master from Japan Discussed Art of Meditation

    June 11th, 2018, Zen Master Yoichiro Matsushita presented a lecture on the meditative practice, Zazen. The Japanese Master was invited to MRU by MRU's Japanese language lecturer Yoshiyuki Haga.

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    Japanese Designer Tomita Discussed Kimono Traditions March 13th

    March 13th, 2018, Japanese designer Nobuaki Tomita discussed the Kimono and presented a lecture to MRU students and the academic community.

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    Register for Free Japanese Language Courses

    Students are invited to register for free Japanese language courses, which begin Jan. 31st, 2018. Native speaker Yoshiyuki Haga from Japan will teach the courses from Jan. 31st-May 25th, 2018.

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  • razumaite

    East Asian Policy Lecturer Razumaitė on Japan's Political Development Nov. 29-30th

    Nov. 29th-30th, 2017, Lecturer Justina Razumaitė presented a lecture, "Political Development of Japan: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives." Razumaitė is a Lecturer at VU's Centre of Oriental Studies in Vilnius.

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    Turku Univ Prof. Paltemaa Lecture: Sino-Japanese Relations Nov. 22-23rd

    November 22nd-23rd, 2017, Finland's Turku University Prof. Lauri Paltemaa present lectures on "Sino-Japanese Relations from the 1860's to the Present." These lectures are part of a series from the "Introductory Course to East Asian Community: Cultural, Political and Economic Aspects," lectures, which the One Asia Foundation is implementing together with Mykolas Romeris University (MRU).

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    Japanese Dance Master Visited MRU Oct. 30th

    Oct. 30th, 2017, in MRU's Rotunda Hall, traditional Japanese dance Jiuta-mai Master Kirizaki Tsurujo performed and led a workshop. MRU's Asian Centre organized the event.

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    Prof. Kashimura from Japan Lecture: Cultural Differences of China, Japan, S. Korea Oct. 25-26th

    Oct. 25th-26th, 2017, Japan's Aichi University Sociology and Psychoanalysis Prof. Aiko Kashimura presented a lecture: "Cultural Differences and Similarities of Japan, China and South Korea in Modern Times." The lecture is part of the Introductory course to East Asian Community: Cultural, Political and Economic Aspects.

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    Japan's Aichi Univ Prof. Lecture: Cultural, Political Aspects of One Asia Sept. 7th

    Sept. 7th, 2017, Japan's Aichi University Prof. Norio Suzuki presented a lecture, “One Asia Community: Cultural, Political and Economic Aspects.” at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). The lectures are presented in conjunction with Japan's One Asia Foundation.

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    Lithuania's Kendo Championships at MRU Oct. 13-15th

    Oct. 13-15th, 2017, Lithuania's 10th national Kendo Championships will be held at the Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Sports Hall, Ateities g. 20. The event is organized in conjunction with Lithuania's Kendo Association.

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    Buddhist Monk Visited MRU

    Feb. 20th, 2017, at the invitation of MRU's Asian Centre, Zen Buddhist monk Bodhidhamma Zenji presented a lecture: Buddhism in India in the 21st Century.

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    Japan's Kendo Master to Teach Japanese for Free From Feb. 1st

    Jan. 23rd, 2017, Japan's Kendo Master Yoshiyuki Haga arrived at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) to start teaching Japanese language. He will offer free Japanese classes from February on campus.

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    AnimeWeekend WinterFall '16 Event Held Dec. 17th

    Dec. 17th, 2016, the 'AnimeWeekend WinterFall' 16" event was held on the campus of Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). It was organized by MRU's Asian Centre and "AnimeWeekend" officials. Participants took part in "Cosplay" competitions and more.

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