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2021-09-09 00:00:01

Work & Study in a Sustainable Way!

tvarumas In 2015, in New York, world leaders from 150 countries approved Agenda 2030 outlining 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is a long-term development path based on three pillars: economic development, social development and environmental protection. MRU, through its activities, also contributes to the implementation of sustainable development goals and operates in accordance with the 2021-2023 Sustainable Activities Strategy.

What can we at Mykolas Romeris University do that is meaningful this academic year in the field of sustainability? Let's work and study in a new - sustainable way!

Returning after the summer holidays and quarantine, could we transfer the lessons learned and habits we have acquired to work and study at the University this academic year? For example:

1. Reduce the Impact of Transport. Maybe we could go to work or to the University all or part of the way on foot, by bike or by public transport? In September, as the weather permits, maybe we can come to work or the University by bike? On the last Friday of each month, (on September 24th), let's celebrate a “car-free day”? What do you think about walking 10,000 steps a day?

2. Reduce Use of Paper. During the quarantine period we got used to working and studying without paper - maybe we can continue this habit?

3. Let's Conserve Electricity and Heat. At the University and at home turn off unnecessary electricity devices. Bundle up and dress warmer and reduce heating by 1 degree. When boiling water in your tea kettle, fill it only with water you need for your tea and not fully.

4. Eat Sustainably. Many of us working and studying at home found ourselves experimenting with food. Maybe we can try to go meatless one day a week - Mondays? Or maybe 2-3 times a week we can try to eat only plant-based food?

5. Reduce Consumption. Let's recycle and give old things a new life. Before buying something new, think about it overnight. Do we really need something new? Let's share our belongings and possessions. Let's challenge ourselves to recycle more and learn to do with less.

6. Talk with Friends and Family Members. What's my biggest achievement in sustainable living? What's your success story? In September, drinking autumn tea or coffee, let's discuss poverty and starvation. How do we understand it? How do your friends, colleagues, international students understand this? What can I do in my life that there would be less poverty and hunger?

Each month of this academic year we will devote attention to implementation of one of the Sustainable Development goals. In September (on Sept. 22nd) we will discuss poverty and hunger. In October - health, wellness and quality education. In November we will discuss gender equality, clean water and sanitation. In December the topic will be accessible and clean energy and well-paid employment and growth of economy. In January -industry, innovation and infrastructure and reducing inequalities. In February we will discuss sustainable cities and infrastructure and responsible consumption and production. In March the topic will be climate change and water. In April we will talk about land and life. In May we will discuss peace, justice and strong institutions as well as partnerships in achieving these goals.

From September, Social Innovation Workshops are also starting up and the first meeting is scheduled for September 22nd - in an unusual environment. We we will discuss poverty and hunger, what it is and what we can do to reduce it?

Come join us! More details will follow soon.