Intl Summer Schools


MRU - Organiser of Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy in Bulgaria July 17-24th

atvira-doktoranturos-diena-1999 July 17th-24th, 2016, Mykolas Romeris University's (MRU) Social Innovation Doctoral School with partners in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, France and others, organised the international Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy (EDSA) in the resort of Varna in Bulgaria. 

The main aim of EDSA is to provide additional information to researchers so that they can further their research.

Academics, including University of Bradford School of Management Prof. Dr. Nelarine Cornelius, U.K.'s Prof. Dr. James Wallace, Bulgaria's Prof. Dr. Michael Minkov, Iran's Dr. Mehran Sepehri, U.K. University of Lincoln Business School Sr. Lecturer Dr. Dieu Hack-Polay, France's Prof. Dr. Eric Pezet, China's Dr. Don Pak and Kazakhstan's Prof. Dr. Cameron A. Batmanghlich, were participating.