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2019-07-12 00:00:01

Bangladeshi to Share Knowledge Gained @ TI School with Colleagues

imgp9403 Bangladeshi Gulam Mohiuddin has been learning so much at the Transparency International Anti-Corruption Summer School that he will have a lot to share with colleagues. He has been attending the School all week from July 8th with over 140 other participants.

"I'm getting so many ideas," said Gulam, who won a scholarship from his employer, TI Bangladesh, to attend the week-long Summer School held at MRU.

"I'll take back that knowledge to my chapter," said the 33-year-old Bangladeshi from Dhaka. He has plans to study Environmental Information Technology in Berlin starting this fall.

"My time here is like a rehearsal for Berlin," said Gulam, whose trip to Vilnius' TI School was the first time he had visited Europe.

"After coming here, I thought things would be tough," he said. "I found it so amazing. At the School the people are open and friendly. Everyone is very welcoming," he added.

"The Summer School changed my thinking" on some things, he added.

Gulam, who works at the Transparency International Bangladesh chapter in Dhaka, focuses on climate change, finance and governance.

The anti-corruption field is so dynamic. Being here - at the School is like a "knowledge hub" for me, said the climate researcher.

Thinking of corruption, he said that it is never victim-less. There is always a victim, he said.

If I study in Berlin, I hope to return to Lithuania for a visit, he said.

"I went to Trakai and I have never seen this type of scenic beauty," he added.

The amateur photographer had his camera ready and was shooting one photo after another of the Trakai castle and the surrounding picturesque castle town.

I'll have something to show my friends and colleagues back home, he added.