MRU graduates’ career indicators


In the Alumni Career Monitoring system data about University graduates is collected, monitored and managed, which is provided by the State Social Insurance Fund Board of Lithuania under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour (SODRA). SODRA provides data only about permanent residents of Lithuania working in companies, whose seat is registered in Lithuania. This system collects, analyzes and systematizes, anonymous data - that is information, which is not connected to a concrete individual.

In the Alumni Career Monitoring system one can monitor career data of a specific graduating class: selecting a specific graduation year (data is collected from 2005 to 2014), also the study programme and study form (full-time or part-time) and indicating the type of studies (Bachelor’s or Master’s) – you will receive data about the graduating class you are interested in.

In the PDF file you have received, you will see the name of the study programme and cycle, graduation year, the number of graduates and their employability. You will also receive data about the salaries of graduates (finances) and their size (minimal, average and maximum) by quarters  and graduate places of employment.

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