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The use of interactive tools enables to increase the accessibility and flexibility of studies, to personalize studies and to improve the quality.

Mykolas Romeris University successfully uses learning management system Moodle (LMS Moodle). It is an open source learning platform that allows students to access study materials and participate in lecture activities easily without having to go to classrooms. The learning management system is adapted to computers, tablets and mobile phones, which makes it easy to access study information from anywhere.

All students have access to the study information provided by the lecturer of each subject, digitized study material packages, self-tests and other activities or resources.

There can be organized individual and group counseling for students, either by allocating real-time counseling time or using various remote counseling tools (forums, messages, etc.).

It is used for colloquiums, examinations, other study activities and evaluation of the work.

Lecturers and students have the opportunity to see and monitor learning progress in each course.
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