Tuition Fees

The  Administration Procedure of Tuition Fees and Payments at Mykolas Romeris University  

Funding Resources

Social scholarship 

Who can apply? All Mykolas Romeris University students.

Financial provisions: between 2 and 30 BSB (1 BSB = 39 Eur).

Criteria: The social scholarship is paid only once and may be awarded to a University student due to a difficult material situation, death of relatives, illness, natural disasters and other special cases. A social scholarship is given to cover the tuition fee, living or student accommodation expenses (the purpose of the scholarship must be named by the student).
The scholarship is awarded by taking into account the insured income of the family, academic progress and other important circumstances.
The requests for a social scholarship must be provided to the head of the academic department by these dates:
In autumn semester – till 14th of September
In spring semester – till 14th of February
In case of an accident or any special case, the request can be provided anytime. 

MRU Incentive scholarship

Who can apply? Best-performing students, both state-funded and non-funded, at the University's Bachelor and Master degree studies to students from target foreign countries, the list of which is approved by the Rector on the proposal of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

Financial provisions: 1,5 BSB (1 BSB = 39 Eur) provided 2 times per year (autumn semester (September-January)/ spring semester (February-June)) and is paid monthly. The best-performing students in the academic unit are determined each semester by their learning outcomes weighted average of the last session grades, which is at least 8.0 points. With a uniform weighted average of the last session, the overall weighted average of the ratings for the previous session is taken into account, and if it is the same, the entry score.

MRU Single-time Incentive scholarship

Who can apply? Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, vocational studies students.

Financial provisions: depends on the student’s degree and his/her achievements and vary from 3 BSB to 15 BSB (1 BSB = 39 Eur). The single-time incentive scholarship for the same achievements may be awarded only once. Scholarship is provided 1 time per semester.
Single-time incentive scholarships may be awarded for the first, second and third cycle students for outstanding achievements in sports, cultural and scientific activities promoting the name of the University, up to 8.0 BSB, as well as up to 3.0 BSB for active sports, cultural, scientific and social activities, promoting the name of the University.

Memorial Scholarsip of professor Mykolas Romeris 

Who can apply? Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

Criteria: The memorial scholarship of Professor Mykolas Romeris is awarded to Bachelor and Master’s Degree students for outstanding (in exceptional cases - very good) study results and exceptional achievements in sports, cultural, scientific or social activities.

Financial provisions: Scholarship shall be awarded twice a year: autumn semester - September-January, spring semester - February-June. It is paid monthly and its size is 4.0 BSB (1 BSB = 39 Eur). A scholarship can be awarded only once.

Note: Scholarship is not awarded for the first study year’s first semester. The student, who is awarded the memorial scholarship of Professor Mykolas Romeris cannot be awarded an incentive or single-time incentive scholarship additionally. 

Group coordinator scholarship 

Who can apply? students of the first and second cycle of professional studies for the proper and responsible role of the group coordinator.
Financial provisions: 0.5 BSB (1 BSB = 39 Eur) and it is awarded and paid once a semester.

MRU Senate Scholarship

Who can apply? Bachelor and Master degree students, regardless of their country and type of financing.

Financial provisions: 152 euros per month for one semester.

Criteria - good (in exceptional cases – very good) learning outcomes and active involvement in sports, artistic, scientific and social activities. 

More information here

Erasmus+ Mobility grants and Exchange Opportunities

All MRU degree-seeking students are eligible to participate in Erasmus mobility for studies or traineeships in other EU countries, also benefit from all other University international exchange programmes.

Erasmus+ studies. After selection procedure at MRU, students can study abroad for 1 or 2 semesters at MRU partner universities in other EU countries and receive scholarship from €420 to €520 per a month depending the host country. More information here.

Erasmus+ traineeships. Those students who wish to undertake internship in other EU country (during summer time also) can apply for Erasmus+ support to their traineeship at an enterprise abroad. Erasmus+ grants from €600 to €700 per month for traineeships of at least 2 months duration are available from MRU. Selection of students for upcoming Erasmus+ traineeship is held every month. More information here.

Erasmus+ traineeships for recent graduates of at least 2 months duration are available as well (selection procedure must be finished before graduation from MRU). More information here. 

There are many other possibilities to go abroad during the degree studies at MRU – various short-term programmes and competitions are continuously announced. The academic credits and grades accumulated during the exchange programmes shall be recognized as a component of a student’s academic programme at Mykolas Romeris University.

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